Adonis "Summer Love"
Adonis "Summer Love" - Summer pheasants eye. An annual herb with a simple or branche..
 Ageratum Mexican Blend
Ageratum Mexican Blend. A compact variety with neat fluffy inflorescences of a rich color. It bloom..
 Chrysanthemum tricolor
Chrysanthemum tricolor Annuals 50-100 cm high with tricolor flowers of white, yellow, pink and red...
Pertfume fragrance
 Decorative dwarf tobacco "Roulette" F2
Decorative dwarf tobacco "Roulette" F2 (colour mix). Annual plant 30-40 cm high. Strongl..
 Garden carnation Chabaud (mix)
Garden carnation Chabaud (colour mix). An upright branchy annual for planting and cutting flow..
 Nirembergia purpurea "Cup Flower"
Nirembergia purpurea Cup Flower. An ideal plant for mixborders, rabatok, alpine slides, as wel..
Aegean wallflower (mix)
Aegean wallflower (mix). Fragrant flower. Light Requirements: Sun to partial shade. Flower Color:..
African Daisy "Pastel shades mix"
African Daisy "Pastel shades" (mix of colours) - Dimorphotheca sinuata. Herbaceous p..
Annual mallow (mix)
Rose Mallow (Annual mallow) mix - Lavatera trimestris. An excellent mixture of tall varietie..
Arctotis x hybrida (mix)
Arctotis x hybrida (mixture of colors). Drought-resistant annual. Plant height 35 cm. Flower diamet..
Beach sunflower "Sunny Babe"
Beach sunflower (Cucumber-leaf sunflower). Подсолнечник слабый "Sunny Babe" (Подсолнечн..
Busy Lizzie "Fanciful Red"
Busy Lizzie "Fanciful Red" - Impatiens walleriana. Бальзамин Уоллера "Фэнсифул..
Butterfly flower "Multicolor" (mix)
Poor Man's Orchid "Multicolor" (mix) - Schizanthus pinnatus. Annual plant up to ..
Buzzy lizzy (mix)
Garden balsam Buzzy lizzy mixed. Plant height up to 25 cm. Flower diameter - 3-5 cm. Continuou..
Buzzy lizzy "Scarlet Dream"
Buzzy lizzy "Scarlet Dream". Unpretentious annual. Plant height 10-20 cm. At home, i..
California poppy "Mission Bells" (double mix)
California poppy "Mission Bells" (double mix) - Eschscholzia californica. Delicate petals..
California poppy​​​​​​​ "Di Campo single mix"
California poppy "Di Campo single mix" - Eschscholzia californica. Annual. Plan..
Cape Jewels "Red & White"
Cape Jewels "Red & White". Half-hardy Annual. Flowers: Summer to Autumn. Height: ..
Cape Jewels "The Fire King"
Nemesia "The Fire King". An abundantly flowering, bushy annual plant, 15-20 cm high, with..
Carnation "Rose Queen"
Carnation chabaud "Rose Queen". Гвоздика шабо "Розовая королева" - Diant..
Castor Bean
Клещевина бронзоволистная - Ricinus communis. В озеленении клещевина пользуется спросом благод..
Castor Bean "Green Tropical Wood"
Gibsonii Green Castor Bean - Ricinus communis. The leader of single plantings in your garden! ..
Castor Bean "Sanguin"
Castor Bean "Sanguin". Клещевина обыкновенная - Ricinus communis. Однолетник, достигаю..
China pink "Merry Go Round"
Гвоздика китайская однолетняя "Мэри го Раунд" Hiina nelk ''Merry go Round..
China pink terry "Black & White"
China pink terry "Black & White". Hardy Annual. Position: Full Sun. Ideal for: Bedd..
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