Cichorium intybus L.
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Chicory salat "Palla Rossa 6" (endive).
Medium late, high-yielding variety. The rosette of leaves is semi-erect, up to 30 cm in diameter, 15 cm high.
The leaves are rounded, dark red, slightly wavy along the edge, with a whitish main vein, which makes this plant especially attractive both in the garden and in the preparation of fresh salads.
The head is round, dense, the average weight of the head is 215 g. The texture of the leaf tissue is crispy with excellent taste. Productivity 2.2 kg / m2.
Chicory salad is widely known for its nutritional and healing properties: high content of vitamins, especially C and B group, iron, calcium and magnesium salts.
It is useful for patients with diabetes mellitus and people with metabolic disorders.
Sowing seeds in the ground is carried out from April to July. To obtain seedlings, seeds are sown in February-March at a temperature not higher than +10 ° C in order to prevent early flowering.
Seedlings dive into pots, planted in the ground at the age of 30-35 days at a distance of 30 cm.

Eng.: Chicory salat. Suom.: Salaattisikuri (Endiivi). Sven.: Rosensallat.

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