• Eggplant "Giralda" F1

Eggplant "Giralda" F1

Solanum melongena L.
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Баклажан "Жиральда" F1.
Раннеспелый гибрид с вытянутыми плодами длиной около 23 см. Предназначен для выращвания в закрытом грунте.

Early hybrid variety. Fruits are large, 23 cm long, black, shiny, weighing up W 210 grams. Pulp is firm, white. Cultivated in glasshouses. Like humidity, watered with warm water in the first half of the day. Eggplants are low in calories. They contain 93.2 % of water, 3 % of sugar, up to 1.2 % of fiber, potassium and other salts. Also, a small amount of В group vitamins, vitamin С and carotene. Used fresh, fried, steamed, can be preserved.


Eng.: Eggplant. Suom.: Munakoiso, munahedelmä. Sven.: Äggplanta, Aubergine.Bot.:Solanum melongena L.

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