Zinnia elegans dahliaflowered
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Extra-dwarf dahliaflowered zinnia "Thumbelina Multicolor" (mixture of colors) - Zinnia elegans.
An extremely ornamental annual plant. Forms small, branchy bushes at the base, up to 45 cm high, captivating with lush and bright flowering. The inflorescences of the basket are 4-6 cm in diameter, very dense, terry. This mix includes purple-pink, bright yellow, red, lilac, orange, violet tones. Flowering is abundant and lasting from mid-June to frost.
Thanks to the richness of colors and shape, it will harmoniously fit into flower beds, rabatki, curbs.
AGROTECHNICS: prefers sunny, wind-protected areas with drained, neutral soil rich in humus and mineral elements. Sow in April in boxes or in open ground in May. Seedlings appear in 10-15 days, then the crops are thinned out, leaving a distance between the plants of 25-35 cm. Further care consists in weeding, fertilizing, with prolonged drought, watering is required. Zinnia is fed every 2-4 weeks with a solution of a complex mineral fertilizer. Regular removal of wilted buds promotes lush flowering.

Eng.: Elegant zinnia. Suom.: Tsinnia, oppineittenkukka. Sven.: Zinnia. Bot. syn.: Crassina elegans, Zinnia violacea.

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