• Field poppy "Amazing Gray"

Field poppy "Amazing Gray"

Papaver rhoeas L.
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Field poppy "Amazing Gray" - Papaver rhoeas.
Rare grey-blue blooms. Bright double bloom!
Very rare and unusual color of inflorescences.
The original blue-gray color of flowers will charm you with warm sunny days ...
Delicate two-colored petals will enliven the green smoothness of the lawn, looking beautiful both in mixborders and in groups.
The height of the plant is about 70 cm. The diameter of the inflorescence is 6 cm.
Blooming time: July-August.

Eng.: Corn poppy, corn rose, field poppy, flanders poppy, coquelicot. Suom.: Silkkiunikko. Sven.: Kornvallmo

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