Aquilegia x hybrida
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Columbine "McKana Giant" (mix).

An unpretentious herbaceous plant of the Buttercup family, up to 80 cm high. The flowers are solitary, with an elongated straight spur, of various colors (blue, purple, yellow, raspberry, two-tone), up to 10 cm in diameter. Blooms in the first half of summer. Plants are frost-resistant, tolerate partial shade, prefer moderately moist places, loose humus soils. Propagated by sowing in open ground in May or before winter. When spring sowing, it is necessary to stratify by freezing. Seedlings bloom in the 2nd year. Used in group plantings among trees and shrubs, in mixborders, on lawns along paths.


Eng.: Columbine Hybrid. Suom.: Akileija. Sven.: Akleja.

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