Vigna chinensis ssp. sesquipedalis
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Green Chinese Long Bean (Yard long bean) - Vigna sinensis var. sesquipedalis (L.) Asch. et Schweinf.
Early maturing (50-55 days), high-yielding variety for growing on supports in open field and film greenhouses. The plant is vigorous, curly, 2-3 m high. Beans 30-60 cm long are green, narrow, straight, without parchment layer. Seeds are oval, small, brown. During the season, 4.5-5 kg ​​of tender beans can be harvested from each bush.
Variety value: originality of shape ("spaghetti"), long fruiting period, high content of protein and microelements, excellent taste of beans.
Sow in sunny places in light porous soil. They are planted near a support so that the plant can cling and grow higher. Sprouted seeds with a high protein content are used for food, which can be boiled and preserved. The high fiber content helps to achieve a balance of insulin and cholesterol.
Normalizes digestion, kidney function. Indispensable in the diet for obesity and diabetes. It is used in cooking in a boiled, fried, canned, frozen, sprouted form.

Eng.: Chinese long bean, Blackeyed pea, Yard bean. Suom.: Pitkäpapu, lehmänpapu. Sven.: Sparrisböna, Långböna, Ögonböna. Bot. syn.: Vigna chinensis ssp. sesquipedalis, Dolichos sesquipedalis L., Vigna sinensis var. sesquipedalis (L.) Asch. et Schweinf.

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