Callistephus chinensis
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Pompom aster "Blue Moon".
Extraordinarily spectacular coloring!
One of the most abundant early flowering asters. The bush is pyramidal, strongly branched. The plant is 40-55 cm high, compact. The flower stalks are strong. Inflorescences are flat-round, blue with a spectacular color transition to ligulate flowers, 4-5 cm in diameter. Ligulate flowers are white, wide, short, located in 2-4 rows along the edge. The center is filled with long, tubular flowers, very tightly packed. The bush bears up to 25 flowering inflorescences.
But a special charm is the color of the inflorescences, talentedly selected by nature itself, creating the finest watercolor play of color in the plantings.
Blooms in July-August.
They are used very widely: for planting in prefabricated flower gardens in groups, on beds - in rows and for cutting.
Asters prefer a sunny location with well-drained and fertilized soils. Does not tolerate the introduction of organic fertilizers in the year of planting.
Aster can be grown both by seedlings and by sowing seeds in open ground.
Seeds are sown from mid-February to April. The seeding depth is 0.5 cm. At a soil temperature of + 15 ° C, seedlings appear on the 7-14th day. After 3-4 weeks, the crops are dived and grown at a temperature of + 12 + 15 ° C.
In open ground (under the film), seeds are sown at the end of April, followed by thinning of the seedlings. Crops are grown at a temperature of + 15 + 18 ° C. With the appearance of the first pair of true leaves, the seedlings dive.
Seedlings are planted in open ground at the end of May. The distance between plants is 20 cm for low-growing varieties and 30-35 cm for tall varieties.
Further care consists in regular watering, careful loosening and feeding.

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