• Chilli pepper "Piccante Guardacielo"

Chilli pepper "Piccante Guardacielo"

Capsicum frutescens
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Chilli pepper "Piccante Guardacielo" - Capsicum frutescens.
The variety is suitable for growing in an open field 3nd pots. Pods have tangy taste, red, 35-40 g, long. Plants are compart size and resistant to diseases. Plant 1-2 seeds in peat substrate cups, in the depth of 0.5-1.5 cm. Cups should be covered with film. Optimal temperature for seed germination is +22+25°C. It is important to avoid temperature and humidity fluctuations during germination. Seedlings grow within 60-80 days depending on the cultivation conditions.

Bot. syn.: Capsicum annuum var. frutescens (L.) Kuntze, Capsicum fastigiatum Blume, Capsicum minimum Roxb.

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