• Celeriac "Yablochny"

Celeriac "Yablochny"

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Celeriac "Yablochny"
Early ripening (from germination to ripening 140-155 days) variety of root celery. The rosette is small, consists of 20-22 leaves. The root crop is rounded, weighing from 80 to 150 g, with a small number of lateral roots. The pulp is white, tender, of good taste, very aromatic. Root crops can be used for forcing greens in winter in indoor conditions or in heated greenhouses.
The variety is characterized by good keeping quality and transportability.
The use of celery promotes the elimination of salts and improves the tone of the body. Productivity 1.5-3.0 kg / m2.

Eng.: Celeriac. Suom.: Mukulaselleri. Sven.: Rotselleri.

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