• Carrot "DARINA"

Carrot "DARINA"

Daucus carota L.
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Carrot "DARINA". 
A late variety of "Berlicum" type with high yield potential. The root is 20-22 cm long, oval with a medium-blunt to blunt tip. Vegetation period 120-130 days.
The head of the root does not turn green, either on the surface or internally. It does not have anthocyanin colouring. It is highly resistant to splitting of the root. It is outstandingly healthy and has a good shelf life. It has high beta-carotene content.

Морковь "Дарина".
Позднеспелый сорт моркови типа "Берликум" с высоким содержанием бета-каротина. Длина корнеплода 20-22 см. Период вегетации: 120-130 дней.

Porgand hiline Darina


Eng.: Carrot. Suom.: Porkkana. Sven.: Morot. Bot.: Daucus carota L.

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