Kochia scoparia L.
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Summer Cypress (Burning bush) - Kochia scoparia.
Fast growing annual for hedges of any configuration!
An ornamental plant, 75-100 cm high, grows quickly, withstands regular haircuts. The leaves are emerald green, with the onset of autumn they turn red.
Sowing time: March.
Planting method: seedlings.
Seedling planting: May.
Distance between plants: 60-70 cm.
A neat rounded bush (somewhat reminiscent of a dwarf coniferous plant). Used as a focal plant in flower beds, for hedges of any configuration.
1.0 g = 1000-1100 seeds.

Kohhia Kochia scoparia

The plant prefers a sunny place, loose nutritious soil. Propagated by sowing seeds in May to a permanent place. When growing seedlings, crops are sown in March in boxes. The seeds are slightly pressed into the soil, do not sprinkle with earth. The landing container is covered with glass and placed in a lighted place. At a soil temperature of + 18 ° C, seedlings appear on the 7-14th day. Seedlings are kept at a moderate temperature. Plants are planted in open ground at the end of May, keeping the distance between plants 60-70 cm.

Aedkohhia Кochia scoparia Bassia scoparia Summer Cypress, KESÄSYPRESSI, Кохия веничная


Eng.: Summer Cypress, Burning Bush. Suom.: Kesäsypressi. Sven.: Röd Sommarcypress. Bot.syn.: Bassia scoparia.

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