Clematis integrifolia
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Blue clematis "Old man`s beard" (Traveller`s Joy, Border clematis) - Clematis integrifolia.
Fast growing perennial. Hibernates without shelter.
A delightful dwarf border Clematis in a marine blue 5 cm  flowers, with each one being delicately fragrant. The herbaceous plants are firstly erect in habit, and then spread unless staked to cover the ground in a sea of blooms, which are then followed by the attractive whiskery seed heads.
Flowering period: June to August.
Height: 80 - 100 cm.
Flower diameter: 4 - 7 cm.
Position: Sun or Partial Shade.
Sowing Instructions: pre chill the seed to 5 °C for 3 weeks prior sowing. Sow on to a moist compost. Cover the seed lightly with vermiculite and propagate at 15 to 20c. Germination should take place in approximately three weeks.
1,0 g = 130-150 seeds.

Perennial 1 m height fast-growing flowers. Flowers are 5-8 cm in diameter. Grown in rock gardens, big flower pots, and not require support as they do not trail around it.
Grows best in a sunny flower bed. Leave a lot of free space for these flowers in the flower bed, as they are spreading rapidly, forming a colourful carpet.
Do not require cover in winter. Require cutting to the ground in spring.

Clematis integrifolia Lihtlehine elulõng

Clematis integrifolia Lihtlehine elulõng

Eng.: Border clematis, Old man`s beard, Blue clematis, Solitary clematis. Suom.: Kellokärhö, Tarhakellokärhö. Sven.: Helbladig klematis.

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