Foeniculum vulgare L.
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High yielding hybrid variety. Vegetation period is 85 days. It forms white, fleshy tubers. Fennel are closest relatives of dill, more like anise by taste and odour. Tubers can be added to salads or soups, tubers and leaves can be dried and useful spicing dishes all winter. Seed are added to salted or canned vegetables. Grow well in fertile, in rich soil. "ThirarrVdisinfected seeds protect the crop from diseases for 14 to 30 days. Keep oul of reach of childrerv Keep out of reachoffood. drinks and feed. Waste and packaging mustbesafelydisposedof.

Фенхель овощной "Орион" F1.
Высокоурожайный гибрид с периодом вегетации около 85 дней.


Eng.: Bitter fennel, common fennel. Suom.: Maustevenkoli, salaattifenkoli, saksankumina. Sven.: Sötfänkål. Bot. syn.: Anethum foeniculum L., Foeniculum capillaceum , Foeniculum dulce Mill., Foeniculum foeniculum (L.), Foeniculum officinale All., Foeniculum panmoricum DC., Foeniculum piperitum (Ucria), Foeniculum vulgare Gaertn.

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