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Seeds of berry crops

Alpine strawberries "Attila"
Alpine strawberries "Attila" - Fragaria vesca. The plant is compact, densely leafy. The bushes are very decorative, as you can see flowers, ovaries and ripe fruits at the same time. The dark red berries have a pronounced strawber..
Alpine strawberry "Attila" (Mentuccia)
Ampel alpine strawberries "Attila" - Mentuccia. The plant is compact, densely leafy. The bushes are very decorative, as you can see flowers, ovaries and ripe fruits at the same time. The dark red berries have a pronounced strawberry arom..
Alpine strawberry "Rjugen"
1.20€ 1.00€
Alpine strawberry "Rjugen". Perennial plants, yielding red, sweet and fragant berries. The berries are much larger than forest berries. Harvested from June to September. Can be grown in a rock garden. Remontant alpine strawberry &qu..
Alpine strawberry "Rujana"
1.80€ 1.51€
Alpine strawberry "Rujana" - Fragaria vesca var. alpina. Treats for kids all summer long! Early ripe. Remontant grade, continuously fructifies from the beginning of summer to autumn frosts. Quickly forms a large bush, almost no mustache f..
Cape gooseberry "Amarylla" (Tomatillo)
Tomatillo "Amarylla" (Mexican Husk Tomato). Физалис овощной "Амарилла" - Physalis ixocarpa. Сорт среднеспелый, созревание плодов наступает на 110-115 день после массовых всходов. Куст детерминантный, полураскидистый, сред..
Cape gooseberry "Golden"
1.80€ 1.51€
Cape gooseberry "Golden" - Physalis peruvianum. Physalis is very responsive to feeding with organic and mineral fertilizers, loves watering very much. He loves sunny places, well-fertilized soil. Since its fruits develop in the so-called &..
Garden strawberry "Grandian" F1
Garden strawberry "Grandian" F1. Surprisingly large berries will be your reward at the height of summer! The best large-fruited remotant strawberry with high taste. Forms a bush 20-25 cm high. With proper care, it blooms and bears fruit ..
Goji Berry (boxthorn, wolfberry, gumi)
Boxthorns (Wolfberry, Gumi, Gou gi) - Lycium barbarum. Boxthorn is known as a "red diamond", and considered one of the most valuable herbs in the world. It is also known after the names of "happiness berries", "longevit..
Goldenberry "Edulis"
1.44€ 1.20€
Goldenberry "Edulis". Grown likes tomatoes. Seedlings planted in the open field after spring frosts. Eat only fully ripe fruit. Physalis berries contain vitamins A, B, C and have valuable medicinal properties - anti-inflammatory, antiviral..
4.55€ 3.83€
Pepino - Solanum muricatum Ait. Is a high-productive vegetable culture for extended growing cycle of winter greenhouses. Plants remind tomato by its biology, leaves are pepper-like, potato-like inflorescence. Plant suits for soil and non-soil c..
Peruvian ground cherry "Alkekengi"
Peruvian ground cherry - Physalis peruvianum L. is an exotic vegetable culture for non-heated plastic houses. With simple agriculture technologies gives very delicious fruits even. Fruits taste like the mixture of strawberry, kiwi and grapefru..
Remontant strawberry "Erna"
1.92€ 1.61€
Alpine remontant strawberry "Erna". For seedlings sow in March, April in greenhouse. Plant in beds with fertilized soil and alight spot. Gives berries starting July till September. Sowing in March, April seedlings in pots. The first berrie..
Remontant Strawberry "Regina"
STRAWBERRIES “REGINA” - Fragaria vesca. This strawberry type fruits from June to autumn. Strawberry seedlings are planted in greenhouses during early spring, sprouts with 4-5 leaves are transplanted to the soil. Grow best in medium ..
Remontant strawberry "Yellow Wonder"
Remontant strawberry "Yellow Wonder" - Fragaria vesca. The most fragrant and sweet! A unique variety of winter-hardy strawberries that does not form a mustache and continuously bears fruit throughout the season. With regular feeding and ..
Strawberry "Quattro Stagioni"
Strawberry "Quattro Stagioni" - Fragaria vesca L. This variety is a real "strawberry queen", tasty and healthy delicacy. Its large berries with a strong aroma and taste are used fresh, for making jams, preserves, berry and ..
Strawberry "Ruby Ann"
4.80€ 4.03€
Strawberry "Ruby Ann" is a real eye-catcher for its sensational ruby-red flower colour. Easy to grown in pots, hanging baskets on terraces and balconies. The compact plant produces a ruby-red cascade of flowers and sweet fruits during..
Strawberry "Temptation"
3.96€ 3.32€
Strawberry "Temptation" - Fragaria x ananassa Duch. Large-fruited spreading strawberry for both pots and field. Grow in full sun. Crop seeds generous fertilizing and watering during flowering and fruit forming. As fruit matures, do ..
Strawberry "Tresca" (remontant)
Strawberry large-fruited, remontant "Tresca" - Fragaria ananassa. An early ripe large-fruited variety, which belongs to a new type of variety that bears fruit year-round in greenhouse conditions and throughout the season until frost in ope..
Strawberry spinach
2.04€ 1.71€
STRAWBERRY SPINACH - Chenopodium capitatum = Chenopodium foliosum = Chenopodium virgantum = Blitium foliosum. Confound your friends at dinner parties with "fruit" in the salad bowl! And you can eat the leaves of the same plant l..
Tomatillo (Jam berry, husk tomato)
Mexican husk tomato "Tomatillo" - Physalis ixocarpa. An annual plant, rustic and easy to grow, bushy and upright, it will produce small yellow flowers with a dark central mark.  The medium-sized fruit is a light green and harves..
Wild strawberry "Baron Solemacher"
Земляника ремонтантная "Барон Солемахер" - Fragaria vesca. Лучшая альпийская земляника с тонким ароматом ! Ягоды в течение всего сезона !  Ремонтантный сорт, который совершенно не образует усов. Плодоносит с начала лета до ..
Wild strawberry "Yellow Cream"
Wild strawberry "Yellow Cream" - Fragaria vesca L. ​The berries are creamy white, conical, very aromatic when ripe, which simply "melt in your mouth"! Perennial, yellow, sweet and fragrant berries.  A very productive ..
Woodland strawberry "Di Bosco"
Woodland strawberry "Di Bosco". A popular variety of remontant strawberries, prized for its unrivaled yield. Does not form whiskers, quickly forms a powerful bush with a large number of inflorescences. Berries, sweet, juicy, aromatic, medi..
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