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Aedmaasikas remontantne "Florian" F1
Cropping: Harvest July until first frosts, or May from early sowings. Position: Full Sun.  St..
Alpine strawberries "Attila"
Alpine strawberries "Attila" The plant is compact, densely leafy. The bushes are very dec..
Alpine strawberries "Attila"
Alpine strawberries "Attila" The plant is compact, densely leafy. The bushes are very dec..
Alpine Strawberry "Rujana"
Земляника ремонтантная "Руяна" - Fragaria vesca. Раннеспелая. Безусая. Лакомство дл..
Cape gooseberry
Cape gooseberry. Perennial, ornamental plant 30-40 cm high. Fruits contain vitamin C, carotene..
Cape gooseberry "Golden"
Cape gooseberry "Golden" - Physalis peruvianum. Physalis is very responsive to feeding wi..
Goji Berry
Boxthorns (Wolfberry) - Lycium barbarum. Boxthorn is known as a "red diamond", and c..
Goldenberry "Edulis"
Goldenberry "Edulis". Grown likes tomatoes. Seedlings planted in the open field after spr..
Pepino - Solanum muricatum Ait. Is a high-productive vegetable culture for extended growing cy..
Peruvian ground cherry "Alkekengi"
Peruvian ground cherry - Physalis peruvianum L. is an exotic vegetable culture for non-heated p..
Peruvian ground cherry "Inka"
Peruvian ground cherry "Inka" - Physalis peruvianum L. Grown likes tomatoes. Se..
Remontant strawberry "Erna"
Alpine remontant strawberry "Erna". For seedlings sow in March, April in greenhouse. Plan..
Remontant Strawberry "Regina"
STRAWBERRIES “REGINA” - Fragaria vesca. This strawberry type fruits from June to a..
Remontant strawberry "Yellow Wonder"
Земляника ремонтантная "Жёлтое чудо" - Fragaria vesca. Уникальный сорт зимостойкой землян..
Strawberry "Delician" F1
Земляника садовая крупноплодная "Delician" F1 - Fragaria x ananassa Duch. Настоящая ..
Strawberry "Quattro Stagioni"
Strawberry "Quattro Stagioni" This variety is a real "strawberry queen", tasty ..
Strawberry "Ruby Ann"
Strawberry "Ruby Ann" is a real eye-catcher for its sensational ruby-red flower colour. Ea..
Strawberry "Rugia"
Remontant strawberry "Rugia" - Fragaria vesca. An unsurpassed variety of remontant s..
Strawberry "Temptation"
Large-fruited strawberry "Temptation" - Fragaria x ananassa Duch. Large-fruited spre..
Mexican husk tomato "Tomatillo" - Physalis ixocarpa. Annual plant, rustic and easy t..
Wild strawberry "Baron Solemacher"
Земляника ремонтантная "Барон Солемахер" - Fragaria vesca. Лучшая альпийская земляни..
Wild strawberry "Yellow Cream"
Wild strawberry "Yellow Cream". Perennial, yellow, sweet and fragrant berries. Cultivar s..
Woodland strawberry "Di Bosco"
Woodland strawberry "Di Bosco". A popular variety of remontant strawberries, prized for i..
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