Beta vulgaris var. conditiva Alef.
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Red beet "Bikores" - Beta vulgaris L.
Late fertile cultivar from Holland (Bejo Zaden): grows within 120-125 days after seeding. Strong foliage. Root crops are round, dark red. Suitable storage, processing and making natural dyes.
High-yielding beet variety for storage, processing and fresh consumption. Root crops are rounded, uniform in size, the flesh is of a uniform dark burgundy color without radial rings, the skin is smooth.
Beets grow best in rich, fertile soils with a neutral reaction. In heavy soils, it must be grown in ridges.
The best predecessors are early potatoes, cucumber, onions, pumpkin, zucchini. In the fall, humus is applied to the site for beets, if necessary, the soil is limed, in the spring, a complex mineral fertilizer is applied. Seeds are sown in late April - early May to a depth of 2-4 cm in rows with row spacing of 25-30 cm and a distance between seeds of 8-10 cm. Thinning is not required. Further care consists in loosening, regular feeding and watering. Beet seeds can be sown before winter in late October - early November.

Eng.: Red Beet. Suom.: Punajuurikas. Sven.: Rödbeta.

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