Ocimum basilicum L.
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Sweet basil "Cinnamon".
Fragrant and spicy leaves. An original aroma with hints of cinnamon ...
Variety value:
high yield and aroma.
Recommended for fresh use as salad greens, spice and flavoring additives and natural flavoring in cooking and canning.

Hardy Annual Herb. 
Height: 30-40 cm.
Sowing: sow from late winter to spring 1.5 mm deep in good seed compost.
Germination usually takes 14-21 days at +21+24°C.
Growing: transplant when large enough to handle into 8 cm pots. Later harden off and plant out 38 cm apart into ordinary well drained soil in full sun, when all risk of frost is past.

Sweet basil Cinnamon. Suom.: Basilika Cinnamon. Sven.: Basilika Cinnamon. Bot. syn.: Ocimum americanum L. ­

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