Asparagus officinalis L.
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White asparagus "Argenteuil" is a French Heirloom Asparagus developed from an 18th century asparagus variety known as Purple Dutch at Argenteuil, France between 1860 and 1862.
Argenteuil was one of the earliest varieties to exhibit the large asparagus spears so well known today. Argenteuil is a traditional French asparagus variety used to create the popular "white asparagus" in France through means of blanching the plants. When un-blanched, this asparagus variety produces thick, rose-purple with an excellent flavor and tender tips. Argenteuil Asparagus is earlier than most asparagus varieties and should be sown by seed from mid March to the end of June. Unlike many other asparagus varieties which do not offer a decent harvest until the third year, Argenteuil will give a good yield in the second year.
1 gram = 50 seeds.

Спаржа "Аржентельская" - Asparagus officinalis L.

Asparagus White

Valge Spargel

Eng.: Asparagus White. Suom.: Parsa. Sven.: Sparris.

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