Datura metel
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Angel's trumpet (mix).

A magnificent annual plant up to 70 cm high with very large double flower tubes up to 25 cm long. Datura is perfect for decorating balconies and loggias, container culture, as well as for single and group plantings on lawns and flower beds. Seeds are sown in March-April for seedlings or in mid-late May in open ground. Seedlings appear in 14-20 days at a temperature of + 30 ° C degrees.

Datura metel Ballerina Purple

Datura metel White

Eng.: Black datura, Angel's trumpet, Devil's trumpet, downy thorn apple, Hindu datura, hoary thorn-apple, horn of plenty. Suom.: Tuoksuhulluruoho. Sven.: Indisk spikklubba. Bot. syn.: Datura alba Nees., Datura chlorantha Hook., Datura fastuosa L.

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